Massage practice Senang

Treat your body to a pampering massage. Complete your relaxing holiday by undergoing a wellness treatment by a professional masseuse at practice Senang.
Massage practice Senang is located at the Bed & Breakfast Quinta Serena.
Jeanne has been using different types of massages for over 20 years. She has mastered a variety of massage techniques such as classic/relaxation massage, Pitjit, hot stone massage, Sabaayadi massage or Reiki treatment.
The diversity of massages and years of experience makes it more interesting to book a massage, and thereby undergoing a special, relaxing experience at the massage Practice Senang
You can choose from any of the following massages at Practice Senang:

Classic relaxation massage
The classic massage is a method whereby the treatment has a fixed structure. It is a flowing sequence of movements whereby the one massage flows effortlessly into the next. Massage oil on a natural basis is used for this massage which starts on the legs, in order draw attention away from the head. This is followed by a very extensive back and shoulder/neck massage, then a short head massage which gives the client a chance to fully relax. Each massage ends with a glass of mineral water to flush the toxins out of the body.

Hot stone massage
Energetic stones have been used for thousands of years for health and wellness. The healing power of a stone massage gives balance of body and mind, pampers the skin, provides very deep relaxation and stimulates the energy flow. It is particularly effective for tension and stress. The combination of heat and movement (thermodynamics) can penetrate deeper into the muscle tissue. This makes the massage more effective. A hot stone (lava stone) massage therefore contributes to the self-healing of the body and helps to eliminate waste and detoxify the body.

Indonesia is known as the emerald belt, where, especially in the family, physical contact is so common. This is where the Pitjit, the traditional Indonesian massage originates from. You can go to a tukang pitjit for a pitjit. The “ peasant woman” will give you a extensive massage at a price. Different herbal oils may be used e.g. kajapoeti oil or other oils. Herbal balsams, hot or cold compresses may also be used.
This is a manual massage using hands, fingers and thumbs; whipped with fingers opened and closed, and fists opened and closed. The whole body is dealt with during this massage and you will feel reborn.

Sabaaydi massage
The name is derived from Sabaaydi Sawaaydi, which is a Thai greeting and means: I wish you happiness, health and a good life. A Sabaaydi-Massage is a Thai massage using herbal stamps with medicinal herbs and oils. The standard Sabaaydi massage is pure relaxation and body cleansing in one. The energetic function and herbs provide relaxation and body cleansing.
Body and mind are in balance and provide protection for a healthy body.

Reiki treatment
Reiki is translated from Japanese as universal energy; it literally means: power of the sun and is the transfer of “ life force energy”. This energy has a healing effect on body and mind, at an emotional and spiritual level. Reiki is the life force energy for every living thing (plant, animal and human). Reiki relaxes. Relaxation is a prerequisite for healing. Stress causes disharmony and can cause various complaints. Stress symptoms such as examination pressure, tension and migraines can be treated well with Reiki. Reiki supports other symptoms and illnesses and it has a good effect on the healing process which often shortens this process.