BB São Martinho do Porto

The lovely town of São Martinho do Porto is 8 kilometers from Quinta Serena towards the coast .This is a friendly resort with a beautiful shell-shaped bay and a beach which is ideal for children. In summer there is a selection of playground equipment, as well as a jumping castle and an island which they can play on.
There is beach volleyball and other activities.

Beach and boulevard

There are plenty of restaurants on the boulevard  where one can have a tasty lunch or enjoy dinner in the evening. The prices will amaze you. Sometimes it is cheaper to eat out than do grocery shopping and cook at home!

Walking to Salir do Porto

Salir do Porto is on the other side of Sao Martinho do Porto.
You can walk from São Martinho do Porto using  the wooden paths through the dunes or along the beach to Salir do Porto.
Salir do Porto has a huge sand dune which is a challenge for children to run or slide down.
At Salir do Porto you can walk along the fantastic rock formations and cliffs with spectacular views.
On top of a cliff, there is the Capelle da Sant’Ana. When hiking to the top you first have to go past the ruins of an old fort / tollbooth. Close by there is a fresh water source which is located in the sea. According to the villagers, this source has healing properties.

Special dinosaur footprints

By appointment, we can hike with you and show you the dinosaur footprints which have been found in this area. This is very special.  At the same time you can enjoy the spectacular views and ponder about the fact that Portugal was once was attached to North America.