B&B walking in Portugal

Directly from our Quinta, you are able to walk in the beautiful countryside. Nestled among the green hills, farm fields and orchards, you will enjoy the peace, kindness and generosity of the villagers.

Nature reserve for birdwatchers.

Reserva Paul de Tornada, is a nature reserve situated about 5 kilometers away.
These are beautiful wetlands where birdwatchers can enjoy the different species of (water) birds. Furthermore, there are many other types of animals to discover, eg. swamp turtles, weasels, and many more …

Coastal Walks

There are beautiful, manmade, coastal hiking routes which provide spectacular views across the valleys and ocean, but you can also determine your own route. The relaxing sounds of the waves provides you with an inner peace. On route, in the villages you can take time to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or other refreshments. The friendliness of the people is comforting for the soul as one relaxes on a terrace away from  the bustle of home and work stress.
We have hiking guides at your disposal.

Serra d’Aires e candeeiros

This is a fantastic rugged hiking area. You can start a hike from different points which lead you past windmills, brick factories, ancient stone walls, rocks, cliffs, cracks. The smell of wild rosemary and other herbs is overwhelming.
At Rio Maior, there are rock salt beds where salt is extracted in a traditional way. This has been going on for 8 centuries and is a special feature as it is situated 30 kilometers inland.
There are beautiful caves at Fatima which are well worth a visit!
The entire area covers about 39.000ha.
We have hiking guides, at your disposal, describing various walks through this beautiful area.