Fado is the folk music of Lisbon and Portugal. This Portuguese music dates back over 150 years and had its origin in the poor neighborhoods of Lisbon.

Some people claim that fado originated from a wistful farewell song which the Moors sang when they had to leave their beloved Portugal.
In Portugal fado is a very popular type of song and literally means “fate”.
Fado is part of the life of every Portuguese. It is about life, melancholy, sadness, nostalgia for what used to be, but is also about joy and celebrations.

Since the revival of fado in the nineties, there is an increasing international awareness among a larger audience.

In our area (the Silver Coast), e.g. in Nazare, Obidos, Sao Martinho do Porto regular fado evenings are organized.
Sometimes in the smaller villages as well, which provides a very authentic character to such an intense evening.

This is definitely worth a visit!!