Flow painting oftewel Painting Fluvial

Flow painting, or Fluvial Painting

Go with the flow …….
Flow painting or Fluvial Painting is a free way of creating an abstract painting with acrylic paint. Playing with colors and paint, the final result shows how beautiful it can be to let go…

At the Quinta we have a new activity in collaboration with Eugenia Kol.

She will show us special techniques that anyone can learn. With these techniques you will learn to make beautiful abstract paintings that give you the feeling of “letting go” and make you realize that you do NOT have  to understand everything  to produce something beautiful.
In a 2-hour workshop she teaches us the basic techniques. With these basic techniques you can enjoy creating your own your own creations at home.
No experience necessary!

Take with you :
an “open mind”
an apron.
We promise that it will be a great workshop.

Cost: € 10.00

explanation Fluvial Painting
paint and other necessities
Coffee/ tea / juice
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