Hiking in the Costa de Prata is a challenging experience.
Nature is pristine and the cliffs and beaches with the high waves of the Atlantic create an unforgettable impression. You can walk through the vineyards and orchards which are situated on beautiful slopes providing you with stunning views over the valleys.

Residents of the villages who are hard at work will always stop and greet you warmly and try and strike up a conversation.
Sometimes you will continue walking with a full load because the Portuguese love to share their harvest.

The walk continues on dirt paths, slopes, forests with various types of vegetation and where you can see how the cork oak grows and is stripped of its jacket every seven years. The huge eucalyptus trees with their aromatic smell, especially when it’s a little damp. The beautiful big pine trees with their huge pine cones.

At the beaches you will walk through dunes and find the prehistoric footprints of dinosaurs imprinted in the rocks. There are paths scattered with fossilized shells and other paths where you will see stones with a crystal core.

Old houses / ruins that lie hidden in the dunes. Silence…. and only the sound of the surging waves and the rustling of the reed vegetation.
Along the ridges of the Aire de Candeiros, which are impressive, you can have a good hike and, for example, view the saltpans of Rio Maior.

In every village you will find a small village pub where you can order a delicious bica or galão (resp. an espresso or a coffee with lots of milk), this, together with a delicious pastry from the pastelleria or bakery will give you stamina to continue the walk.

We have hiking guides (Dutch and English) on loan for you.